Shelanti Agri

Shelanti Agri Consultation is an agricultural mechanization company in Ceres that focuses on orchard and vineyard farming. Since 2013, we offer technical solutions for the agricultural sector. A highly competent and experienced sales team is responsible for serving every customer in all parts of South Africa. This team can give excellent advice and guidance to customers and farmers.

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Carbonation and CO2 absorption in PRC Posts

In reinforced concrete, which is the main component of our PRC posts, carbonation is one of the main causes of material degradation, although it is not a dangerous phenomenon since it does not cause mechanical or chemical damage (on the contrary, it reduces the porosity of the conglomerate and can lead to an increase in…

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Did You Know? – Different Protection Systems

ValenteProtect – Protect your investment with Valente Picture a world where your Orchards flourish under the harsh sun, where hail storms and strong winds are mere inconveniences of the past becoming nothing more than a distant memory. Valente with 60 years experience has mastered the art of developing innovative solutions that ensure your crops not…

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