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The Proven Low Volume – Electrostatic Mist Blower

The most suitable and effective method of applying chemicals to fruit trees, vines and field crops.
The Whirlwind delivers its spray in a fine mist that penetrates dense foliage, covering leaves, fruit and twigs alike with a fine coating of chemical on all sides. No bare areas and no wasteful chemical run-off.

WATER over 90%
CHEMICALS over 30%
LABOUR/TIME over 60%
FUEL over 40%

The MARTIGNANI mist-blowers can spray: HIGH VOLUME (over 1000 lt/ha or 100 gal/acre) MEDIUM VOLUME (500-1000 lt/ha or 50-100 gal/acre) LOW VOLUME (200-500 lt/ha or 20-50 gal/acre) VERY LOW VOLUME (50-200 lt/ha or 5-20 gal/acre) ULTRA-LOW VOLUME (less than 50 lt/ha or 5 gal/acre) of chemicals dissolved in water or oil without replacing nozzles or discs, and with uniform coverage (mist droplets of 130 microns avg. diameter) at unchanged pressure (1.5 bar – 22 psi).

This top performance and versatility can only be achieved by the MARTIGNANI system – though it was widely imitated. Its special design is based on the technical know-how gained in over 60 years practical experience and research carried out in cooperation with the best ranking Agricultural Institutes in EUROPE – NORTH and SOUTH AMERICA – SOUTH AFRICA and AUSTRALIA.

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CENTRIFUGAL FANS of special design and exceptional efficiency, producing large volumes of air and remarkably high air flow rate at very low rev number and absorbed power. SPRAY NOZZLES (patented – with special profile and large – 4 mm. – diametre), thus no clogging, no jamming, no wear, no deformation. They are situated in the point where the air stream reaches a speed of up to 300 KPH and thus divide the liquid flow into extremely fine and even droplets. STAINLESS STEEL HIGH PRECISION METERING VALVES (patented): the output of liquid can be easily changed from 50 to 1300 I/h each; depending on the quantity (or volume) of fluid to be sprayed per hectare or acre, according to the desired tractor speed, concentration of chemicals (from normal to 2,3,4. . . 10. . .20 times), soil conditions, density of foliage, etc. LOW PRESSURE, HIGH DELIVERY SELF PRIMING CENTRIFUGAL PUMP made in stainless steel for nozzle feed – adjustable, continuous agitation of the spray fluid, rapid, non polluting self-filling. It also powers the large capacity: PRE-MIx-ECO ATTACHMENT, ideal for preparing chemical mixtures in a closed tank, both during self-filling and when the tank is already full, by simply operating a valve. TANK, made of reinforced polyester resin or POLY for 3P hitch and pull-type models all featuring two built-in tanks for circuit rinsing and hand wash each; made of stainless steel for engine driven models and the 2000 l (500 gal.) PTO one (rinsing and hand wash tanks are on request). The suction sumps are specially designed to assure thorough spraying even when operating on sloping grounds. The level of the liquid is clearly visible in the tank side. THE SUCTION FILTER is external and it can be easily cleaned even when the tank is full. STURDY, OVERSIZED FRAMES of hot galvanized steel profile with adjustable drawbar, support feet, adjustable axles. All p.t.o. models are perfectly balanced (center of gravity on the axle) thus very maneuverable when empty; in operation, 50% of the useful load advantageosly rests on the tractor’s hindwheels. REMOTE CONTROL UNIT within driver’s reach; equipped with glycerine pressure gauge and calibrating valve, delivering the fluid to the spray heads individually. On request: spray computer.

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